2D Project 2 – Forrest Gump (Final)

This post marks the end of project 2. Project 2 has shown me a whole new way of looking at designs and taught me that there’s so much more to a composition than just exciting visuals.I had a lot of fun exploring into the different design principles and applying it in my work, creating my 4 compositions.


Composition 1

Quote: “what a man can do to another man”-Fury

 My original sketch  for this composition did not have clear focus. Also there was no direction in which I was placing certain images,symbols,etc. After the consultation,I researched on the different design principles like     proportion and pattern and came up with the composition on the left,I placed the skull in the middle which draws focus to it.  However the background was still a bit too dark and the deities could not be seen.

I reduced the threshold and lightened the pattern in the background to allow the gods to stand out more.Further increasing the scale of the skull so that it has more prominence in the design itself.Also aligned the background to form a triangle and ensure that the lines are posting towards the middle.With a few other minor changes, design 1 is complete!



Composition 2


This composition is based off the same quote as the previous one. Using the golden ration i placed some found images accordingly.however, My first sketch did not have enough details to bring across the idea of Amos Yee fleeing Singapore. Also the  lion and the hand were similar in size and were drawing equal amount of attention.There was also no clear direction at which the birds were headed.

                                                           To improve i photoshopped the lions ad onto a suit symbolising a member of the parliament and placed the birds such that they’re flying into the mouth on the right.I decided to use the american flag to give more information about the quote and i also enjoyed how it fit into the golden ratio template.Unfortunately,I had to convert my design into portrait..Resulting in composition 2.

Composition 3

Quote:”Chances of survival are dwindling!”-How to train a dragon

There were not many issues with my design besides having to convert it to landscape. And so, I just left it as it is.

Composition 4

Quote: ” Don’t worry! Your daddy is here! He’s got cash and credit cards”  – Spirited away

I forgot to take a picture of my initial sketch for this composition. Basically I had a woman face with a heart shaped orange slice over her eyes to represent Melania’s love for Donald trump. After consultation,Ms Joy suggested putting money in her hair to give more idea that I’m referring to her as a sugar baby.To add to this idea, I replaced her mouth with a pacifier.Then I replaced the faces on the american money with Donald’s as well as on the credit cards framing her face.I let the money framing her face be much larger in scale with a pyramid formation so as to not miss out donalds face on the dollar bills.

Feedback and challenges faced

Ms Joy pointed out the cropping issue in my first and second composition and also how I should include more visuals and details for my Melania trump composition.As the woman in the composition could’ve been anyone else.I think it could’ve been clearer if maybe I used her face and try to make the design less cluttered around her face in general. Despite being a tedious process,Silkscreening was a very fun.Seeing the design being printed on the tote bag gave me a sense of accomplishment. However,due to the intricacies of my design the print did not transfer over onto the tote bag as well as i would’ve liked. I tried multiple times,sacrificing the original tote bag ,but i didn’t want to scrape the silk too much in fear of ripping my silkscreen.

Thanks for reading my post, Goodbye!:)

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