Scaling & Framing

Today i was told to take photos of my partner which best represented the attributes that i liked about them.Out of twelve shots i had to select the best three, which are below.







I felt that Esther had a shy and quirky character which can be seen in the first picture because of her pose.It was a candid picture so i thought it was more genuine.

In the second picture Esther has a friendly expression so a close up shot with minimal distractions in the background, would be apt in showing the details in her facial expression.Also the angle of the picture is eye level, to maintain the friendly nature of the picture.

In the third picture i was trying to capture esthers confident and mysterious side.I decided to photograph her silhouette leaving out details of her emotion and facial features. A low angle made her look more powerful and confident.i felt that with the sky and the greenery in the background it contrasted well with the black silhouette making it stand out more.

One of the challenges i faced was the lack of experience using a DSLR camera.I was taught how to manually focus on an object and adjusting the iso to the appropriate level(around 1600).Since i sort of know the basics of using a camera, practising would be much easier.

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