Project 2: Task 1A Visual Research

What is the poster communicating?

A series of gig posters (José González, Kings Of Convenience, City and Colour), for the 2016 Estudio Estéreo concert cycle. The concerts were performed in 2016 in Santiago, Chile.

What emotions does the design elicit?
Quiet yet interesting.

What makes the poster captivating?
Muted yet loud.

How did the poster generate visual interest and facilitate readability/legibility?

– There is a strong sense of balance in the poster
– The point of interest is very heavily centred.
– The type hierarchy is clear, alternating between thin and bold font weight to create contrast.
– The lines, dots and halftone patterns create rhythm and texture.

How do you feel about the approach and execution?
It is fuss-free, clear and direct. Elements were created with simple shapes and lines. The lack of colour helps the poster to stand out among the rest.

Other posters:

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