Week 1: “Why you don’t like Art History!”

The video got me thinking that the information that was presented in the different Art History classes may be flawed in some ways, as there are many ways to look at a particular artefact or subject.

Every module would have a professor that teaches differently and certain topics may not be covered properly. One reason why I hate Art History because it involves a lot of memorisation and critical analysis, which can be pretty challenging to digest so much information within one semester. I do dread sitting in cold and dark lecture room going through slides after slides! However, some things I learnt from the Art History classes became useful whenever I visit a place of worship/museum/monument, the knowledge I gained from the Art History class enriches my visit.

In the past, I can only appreciate certain artefacts in terms of aesthetic value but now I do learn to question certain symbols or icon whenever I spot something familiar.



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