Week 7 Response: ACM Visit

The class went to the Asian Civilisations Museum to start preparing for their final project. Huge thanks to Clement for the insightful sharing and walking us through the different galleries with detailed explanations.

Well there are many things that intrigue me but the one that caught my attention was the Mounted Incense Burner.

What is interesting about this piece is its cross culture influence!
Although it is assembled in Europe, all the different components came from all over the world. (Porcelain: China, Jingdezhen, around 1700 Glided bronze mounts: France, mid-18th century Lacquer Bowls: Japan 18th century Red Coral)

Apart from it being aesthetically pleasing, it functions as an incense burner. I believe it will look magical the moment smoke emits out of the openings.

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