03 Applied Illustration — Process (3)

Just a few more updates:


  • Penguin’s surfboard colour

The penguin’s composition was by far the simplest, yet gave me the most pain in the a**. Colours are painful. It was tough to pick a colour for the surfboard because I needed it to match the penguin’s feet, stand out from the penguin’s background, but also from the orange float duck and its feet because I had plans that it was going to steal the surfboard in another collateral.

I also removed the little waves from the previous draft video, because I didn’t like them. Watching the penguin flip is enough!


  • Lamb’s Accessories

At some point I realised the lamb was the only animal without an “accessory” attached to it, which gave it a lack of colour as an ‘identity’ when it came to compositions for the other collaterals. So I started dressing it up. I even tried giving him (yes, now he’s a him) socks.

Eventually I decided against all these, because heck it, lamby boi is a clean plain white boi with floating grass and flowers and clouds!


  • Duck Tails In The Float

Feedback was to have the blue and pink float ducks’ tails “inside” the float. I tried it, but no! Doesn’t make sense, and I didn’t like how it looked anyway. They’re holding the floats by their side with their wing. They’re not in the float!

It was an instant undo and I have no evidence of this.


  • Finalised Concept

Geeeeez, you would think I should’ve had this done weeks ago.

I initially thought of the whole thing as a campaign, rather than an event, but then I realised the brief called for it to be an event for a client, so… It’s an event in a campaign, sort of, kind of.

Many of my ideas came as ‘jokes’ about the current quarantine situation with Covid, but eventually while the event is still inspired by the situation, I decided against having the tone of the project be a joke.

What’s It Like Inside: An Animal Party is an event where animals from 
‘around the world’ gather to find out what it’s like inside, indoors, 
inspired by our world’s current situation. The event will be streamed 
live on Instagram, on the 20th of April, 2020, at 1PM.

On a grander scale of things, the event is to inspire and remind people 
to ask each other “what’s it like inside?”, in a time where we are all 
confined to our homes, our minds, and our feelings.


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