Look Up – Project 3. FINAL pt. I.


The original inspiration came from Nuno Andrade’s Urban Geometry  series, where his compositions often contrasted urban geometry with a wide sky or space.

In Singapore, however, it is almost impossible to get a full, open view of the sky because of how much of an urban, high-rise jungle we are. Instead of a full sky, we get interrupted by tall buildings or structures, hence came about Look Up – what happens when you look up in Singapore.



(P.S. I put the images small so that we can see them together).


Camera Process:
Shot on a Canon EOS 77D, EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM
I used a zoom lens instead of a wide or prime lens so as to be able to reach tall structures.

A clean vertical ‘half’ cut between sky-structure – personal artistic style while still getting the idea across. Some images may be directly halved while others may be in different ratios for variation. Series will be better balanced with a full set of 10 images.

Technical Process:

*Types of adjustments are generally the same across all images for consistency. Specific changes are made within each type of adjustment for every image to match the tones, especially the varying blues of the skies.

Pastel is often used to portray dreamy feels, for what feels like paradise (e.g. on a vacation). In contrast to feeling negatively about having our skies interrupted – the pastel tone is used to say this is our sky, Singapore’s version of paradise.

The sky is muted as compared to Nuno Andrade’s vibrant blue, for focus on the structures’ colours instead of the sky, since that’s what we see in Singapore.

A hint of yellow highlight on top of pastel pink to suggest the sun that hits these tall structures in Sunny Singapore.

Image 1:

*Note: Stamp visible layer is made so that I could copy and paste a part of the sky on the other images to compare and match the exact colour for consistency.


Image 2:


Image 3:


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