Micro-Project 3: Tele-Drift

Posted by Dion Chew on Wednesday, 31 January 2018


1:18 – Walking down the staircase,

3:10 – Walking,

3:57 – Washing hands,

9:40 – Typing on a screen



Ying Hui and I focused on creating a first-person perspective of a being in a third space through a split screen, conducting several different actions that includes walking, walking down a staircase, washing our hands and typing on a screen.


We walked on different staircases and floors on the second floor of ADM. Ying Hui was on the staircase near the 2D studio/handicap elevator while I was on the staircase at the end of the bridge leading to the classrooms. We then continued walking on the floor.

As for the hand washing, we initially intended to have one person wash in the toilet/3D workshop and the other be in the 2D studio. However, due to terrible connection, we were both in the 2D studio at different sinks that had different backgrounds – one facing a window, and one facing a wall.

Finally, we both filmed the screens of our own laptops to type.


Due to poor connection, our synchronisation was… pretty bad. This can be seen by how we were sometimes walking both feet at the same time, or when I had finished walking the stairs while Ying Hui was still on hers.

We felt that there was no other way to communicate other than speaking to each other since we were filming a first-point perspective and our feet/hands definitely couldn’t communicate on their own. The typing, however, was easier to ‘communicate’ as it was easier for Ying Hui to see when I have finished typing so she could continue the sentence, as compared to waiting for me to finish taking my step at a normal walking pace.

Overall, I have learnt that a person in a third-space involves a lot of communication and synchronisation. This micro-project came with a lot of problems along the way, but still turned out to be a fun learning experience.

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