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Micro-Project 4: Exquisite Glitch

The process of glitching Tom, my biologically glitched (broken) pinky:

Glitched by myself, Joseph, Kai Ting, and myself again.

The original.

Glitched with Adobe Audition CC by myself, creating ‘TV-like’ noise and glitches.

Glitched by Kai Ting with Adobe Photoshop.

Image is distorted/warped, tonal values have changed and the quality has also dropped.

Glitched by Joseph on Adobe Photoshop.

The original self-portrait of my finger is completely glitched out with a colourful, wavy abstract pattern. The tones of the image are completely different from what the image originally was – now more neon and eye-catching.

Coming back to Adobe Audition, I added back more ‘TV-like’ glitches – reversing, silencing, echoing, generating noise, speech and tone in certain sections.

The process of collective image creation and decomposition goes through several steps of how the image takes on a glitch transformation.

Each individual taking part in the process is given complete freedom of how they would like to manipulate the image that they receive, therefore there is no possible control/pre-made decisions in how the final edited image will turn out.

In contradiction, each person who receives the image previously glitched by another is unable to undo what they had done, and is therefore out of control of what has been ‘controlled’ by the previous person therefore makes the collective image creation become a glitched transformation.