Typography: First Impressions


For some reason, I’ve always been prejudiced against the idea of picking up typography as I’ve always just thought of it as something super d i f f i c u l t to do. Hence while looking at the core modules for this specialisation, I was pretty bummed about having to take typography through my years here in ADM. However, I also accepted the fact that typography is something crucial in today’s design industry and actually started looking forward to learning the art. Not to mention, the works showed at the start of this module definitely opened my eyes to more ‘fun’ types of typography.

I definitely did not expect there to be history within the module (thinking it was all going to be technical), just as I did not expect there to be so much history behind each design form in History of Design class. However, I look forward to having deeper understanding that will aid my thought processes in designing in the future!


Sleepy Choco, and our selected font for presentation is Didot!

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