Device of the Week: Little I [Health]

Innovated by designers Chris Barnes and others at Cambridge Consultants of Cambridge, ‘Little I’ empowers parents in low resource countries to monitor the health of their newborns by providing a low-cost, durable device that gives them assurance of their newborn’s survival despite lack of medical knowledge. 28 days after the birth, the device is returned which is then cleaned and recharged to be used by the next newborn.

‘Little I’ is designed as a strap-on shoe that comes with a silicone strap and case for holding the electronics. Included in the shoe are temperature sensors and SPO2 sensors that monitor the health of the baby regularly.


This device is amazing and absurdly cute. However, depending on the climate of the region where these devices are being used, the shoe might be uncomfortable for the baby as the silicon straps the soles of the shoes can feel restricting or suffocating for the skin, after in contact for a long period of 28 days.

Maybe by adding ventilation slits or holes in the straps and grooves into the soles can help improve long-term wearability.

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