Device of the week: Upright Go [IoT]

Upright Go uses vibrations and behavioural science to design a posture correction device + app. Simply put, “You slouch, it vibrates”.

It is almost genius how a simple tilt/gyro sensor with a vibration motor can be used to correct/improve something as complicated as spine and postural health.

back health made easy
upright GO sketch


While the size and the usability of Upright Go is perfect, coupled with the mobile app, it is a fantastic device with versatility and provides effective results.

Physically, instead of having a button for the users to press when they want to switch off the vibration or change settings etc, they can include motion sensors where a shrug of the shoulders can create a feedback to the app or device.

Software-wise, it would be interesting if vibration patterns can be selected to ensure the brain/senses are not dulled from the same vibration feedback after long usage. Maybe even through vibrations, the device can advise users on how much adjustment to make to sit upright.

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