From Womb To Tomb [Final]

Assignment Brief:
To design a space in a two-part project (#1 Analogue, #2 Digital) that responds to the theme:

During this time of uncertainty and anxiety caused by COVID-19, spending time quarantined at home during the Circuit Breaker and having to return back to school and work after has brought out an unusual feeling that I have never felt. This article “Wanting To Grow Versus Wanting To Go Back To The Womb” quite succinctly expressed what I was feeling. A sense of wanting to retreat back into the comfort of my home versus wanting to get out of the house and back into the world.

The duality of this emotion or state of mind was an interesting theme that I wanted to express in my work From Womb To Tomb.

Looking at our very first home, the womb, we realise that the mother’s body, as nature intended, is like a nest that provides warmth, comfort and security. While we don’t have memories of being in the womb, simply curling up into a foetus like position can prove to have a calming effect and is also strangely comfortable. I decided to use ‘warmth’ to enable a space that creates a soothing and intimate space for one to retreat and rest. However, while remaining in the space for too long, it will start to become uncomfortable, whether due to the heat or from being in a small curled up foetal position. Just like if we had actually retreated back into the womb, it would be deathly uneasy and suffocating.

“From womb to tomb, we are all bounded to each other” is a quote from the film Cloud Atlas. 

Final Presentation Documentation:

Process Documentation (From Submission #1-2):

Submission #1 (Analogue)
Problems encountered: While I wanted to soundproof the insides of the dome, after research, I realised that a lot of materials were needed and the dome would be too thin for any kind of insulation and sealing. I had to forgo the soundproof foam and use cloths to muffle surrounding noises.

Submission #2 (Digital)
Problem encountered: During the final submission presentation, I had not realised that I needed to tape down the dome to the ground. After a few participants had entered and left the dome, the placement of the dome was slightly shifted and the projection became misaligned. 

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  1. Daryl, I’m sure that those who visited “From Womb to Tomb” during the end of semester showcase would have had a unique experience that gave them an opportunity to rest and perhaps reflect inside your installation.  I hope that those who came by enjoyed the experience.  You did a good job!

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