Garden of Fame or Lame?

Of what used to be a well-known landmark, Jurong Hill Park which is tucked away 60 metres above sea-level and only accessible by car, has become my new favourite hideaway. In this secluded and souless park albeit beautifully maintained, all traces of the bustling city fades away and time stands still. The subtle noises of the industrial park become some sort of a therapeutic white noise,  harmonising with the symphonies of nature.

As I centred my mind and brought myself into that present moment, it felt as if I had slipped into a pocket universe; a place where nothing else mattered except the leaves above my head and the grass beneath my feet. I looked deeply into the trees and saw glimpses of the past, the future and the present, all existing in their own time capsule. Every tree has a life and story to tell, every shade has a memory to create.

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