Ideation Sketches – My Hot Air Blower

After assignment #1, I narrowed down to three elements of the hairdryer I wanted to keep before remodeling the entire object:
1. Air Ventilation Input
2. Air Output
3. Tunnel/Shaft/Channel

I drew inspiration from organic and geometric shapes.

Organic Forms:

Like the smooth air it channels, I wanted to focus on the smooth curves and edges with minimal sharp and funky edges. Th product has to feel comfortable in the hand and easy to hold, so I modeled some sketches after long and cylindrical objects like sticks, swords and pipes. Another inspiration came from rocks and pebbles, from their round but flat/thin form.
Handles are retractable to enhance portability and rotatable shafts for usability.

Geometric Forms:

For the sketches inspired from geometric forms, I wanted to focus on the power/strength of the air the hairdryer channels, so I drew ideas from object like loud-hailer, speakers, spotlights, irons and high pressure water hoses. The sharp angles and edges in these sketches are meant to accentuate the loudness and forcefulness of the air. The long shafts allow air to build up and more heating coils to heat the air.

Overall, I prefer the sketches with organic form as it is less common in the market and more comfortable to look at. It feels like it is easy and light to pick up, compared to the bulkiness of the geometric designs.


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