LedRoom Sketch – Drawing boundaries

Project done by: Sylvia, Daryl, Wei Lin, Wan Hui

After coming up with the sketches and putting them in Processing, we were then tasked with connecting it to Arduino. We settled with 4 main functions with different triggers.

  • On/Off – Proximity Sensor
  • Brightness – Volume (Microphone level)
  • Colour Change & Patterning – Compass + Gravity
  • Preset Colour Patterns – Touch 2D + Wekinator

Colour Change + Pattern

Essentially, I wanted to use the compass to draw a circle, using the gestures to change the colours while “colouring” the circle. I made use of the Gravity, Quaternion and Compass sensors from ZigSim, linking it through Processing to Arduino. From Processing, the data received from ZigSim is communicated to Arduino and translated to colour codes and number patterning for the Adafruit LED Strip.

Video & Codes here.



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