Map of Sim Lim Square [ZINE]

Brief: [Part 2] With the data collected from research in [Part 1] and further studies and exploration, we are to create a eight page zine.

While the submission piece has to be strictly eight pages and saddle-stitched, we were also allowed to create and present an alternative zine without the creative restrictions.

For this zine project, while I originally planned to work with transparencies and tracing paper to resemble a blue print schematic, I realise that I had too much content for an eight page zine, which would be reduced to 4 pages due to the transparency effect. I then redesign my zine into a map/schematic brochure to work together with the 360 virtual tour.

As of recently, the Sim Lim Square Complex has been put up for en-bloc sale, I wanted my zine to be a pamphlet with some background information and schematics which interested viewers can use to familiarise themselves with the location. The zine can also function as a guide for tourist and shoppers.

To fulfill the submission requirements, i reduced the A2 brochure into the eight page A5 zine.

Cover Page:

Page 2 & 3:

Page 4 & 5:

Page 6 & 7:

Back Cover:


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