Social Distancing Device- ARMmeter

Task: To make a device that enables / enforces / suggests / alerts / …about social distancing.

Inspiration: Sylvia and I are kooks and so we decided to create something that expresses our quirkiness but at the same time meets the task objective. We figured to work off a measurement technique that is commonly used in Singapore, whether during warm-ups before Physical Education (PE) classes in school or just to get people out of our ‘no-no square’/personal space — “one-arm length distance apart”.

Final Product:
Video here.
Slides here.

Initial Sketches and Ideas: Sylvia first started out with ideas of creating devices that resembled the build of a bumper car, where people can run and “safely” bump against each other while still maintaining a distance from each other.

Additionally, I was thinking about something along the lines of the thousand hand Guan-Yin/Buddha that pushes people away when they get to close. Merging both ideas together, we came up with ARMeter!

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