Softening The Edges – Thoughts on Illuminating Embodiment

I’d imagine what Rafael Lozeno Hemmer is trying to do is to ‘soften the edges’. Other than the functional purpose they serve, whether as a form of shelter or a place to gather, the reason why human have such distant or little emotional relation to architecture is because of their cold, hard and immovable structure.

In comparison to a human body, where our skin is warm, the flesh is soft and the body is generally flexible, we make connections easier when something or someone is more human-like or more “alive”. Similarly to how humans might react/interact with an android/machine, we make little to no effort to relate to it, other than its intended purpose which is to serve us, humans. But when we are in nature, where the soil beneath our feet is soft and filled with life, and the shade above our head is swaying gently in the wind, we feel the presence of nature and immediately feel a sense of calmness or comfort.

So by softening the edges, like giving the structures a sense of life or personality, people try to find ways to connect/relate to the ‘living’ being. If one day our buildings and floor start to greet us, express emotions or allow some form of basic interaction, I assume people will have more tendency to evoke emotions and connect with it.


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