Sun Arch – Deisgn Report

Based on the theme given: Rest & Relax, I wanted to create a space where people can enjoy the clean and fresh air whilst indulging in delicacies by the sunset. It is a space I would personally enjoy as I drew inspiration from places I liked and found architecturally interesting.

While the concept of bringing nature into a modern and clean space was inspired by places such as The Jewel and Gardens By The Bay, the dome-like structure was drawn from my previous assignments. The shell and tunnel of the hairdryer reminded me of a dome with an oculus. From there, I made variations and created a space that could allow a lot of sunlight in and had a very airy and spacious feel.

Initially, I used paper to build the model however I decided to use transparency for the model to resemble the effect of glass and to show how the light would illuminate the space.

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