The Trail

Supernatural Climate Change

Establish a visual context in an expressive pattern with maximum visual impact and with a positive outlook of the future for earth and climate change.

My Concept
The rise of consumerism has had a detrimental impact on the planet and its inhabitants. The overconsumption of raw materials and energy place heavy demands on Earth’s natural resources and the disposal of these products create massive pollution in the air, land & sea. While the effects of our consumption habits are not immediately evident in our Clean & Green Singapore, it is leading to social problems and mass destruction all around the world. And if we do not start to consume products and manage waste more responsibly, disaster can and will follow the trail and inevitably find its way to our small fine island.

Artist References

Motif & Banner Development

Banner Exhibition

Banner Exhibition @ NTU ADM Lobby

Media Art Banner Exhibition @ NTU North Spine

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