Thinking out of the Box, Guest Lecture Justin Tan



Being your everyday BFA student, I am pretty much sheltered from the “Money Realities” of the real world. That is not to say I don’t earn my own money to sustain myself and pay my own bills, but what Justin Tan describes is an eye opener.


Starting an Indie GameDesign Studio is a whole different ball game from what Justin Tan says. He goes into the details on how much it costs to keep the lights on in a small game studio and the different models that one can follow when operating such a studio.

This opened up insights for me and gave me a wake up call on the trials and tribulations I would have to endure in order to reach my dreams.

Another thing he helped with was also answer questions on how level design is done which I found extremely helpful.

All in all I am very thankful for this Guest Lecture. Thanks Permagnus!