POV : Process


It all started out with random sketches and doodles to gather ideas. I was very interested in animals.


At the same time, I liked food. I liked eating. I wanted to explore the point of view of animals had on food. What do they see human food? How do they see it? I approached it in a quirky way.


By placing the animals in the food itself. I found this way to be quirky yet the watercolor details make it look like I’m serious about this commentary.


Chicken in the chicken rice was born. i explored the wet mediums like ink and water colors. More examples of how I explored the medium in the “Bees exploration pages”…


My initial idea on the composition and wanted it to have a textbook look.


So, I wrote their names below the illustrations. Over here I’m just testing out the potential fonts or brush lettering methods I can use.


Wasn’t happy with how it turned out. So i decided to explore circle compositions. Looks great. So i did it. I decided on circle composition. Looks like the pupil/telescope looking (#pointofview)

In my final piece, I concluded the image with a washi tape to tape the circle to the mounting board for presentation. I chose to do this because the shadow casted at the side/bottom of the circle give depth to the entire composition



Author: Diane Lim

ADM | 21 | @common_err (Instagram)

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