Zine (Research)

I got really inspired by this particular menu. I really enjoyed the fragility of the lines and how they make the vectors. The use of black and white colors yet using red really make the red pop. I eventually red pop by using red on the things I wanted to be the main focus of.

bao_bei_PHOTO_01 BaoBei_0018_GlasfurdWalker_BaoBei-2B baobei2 e307b9b75dfb9a3fb04f7e32568f097d

love the idea of using the red look and sort of a chinese name stamp look on teh front cover….(which is reflected in the final outcome of my zine)

Zine (Process)

Exploring the color schemes of my zine pages….should I go for a blue toned menu or red toned menu? At this stage I was more or less figuring out the theme of my zine.

fish_solidcolor lamb_solidcolor lamb_red

After doing the red version of my zine I realised that the red really complements the idea of a Chinese menu and its very obviously a chinese menu. Plus it’s also eye-catching.

This is a try-out of what it would look like without the circle