Applying the Applique technique

Things you need:
1. Cloth (Base)
2. More scraps
3. Random stuff depend on what you want to sew

How to do it:
1. Sew pieces of cloth together using the zig zag function.

I don’t exactly have a lot of images on this one. BUT THIS HAS GOT TO BE MY FAVOURITE METHOD OUT OF ALL THAT WE’VE LEARNT SO FAR. Applique in simple words is just sewing cloths and bits together using the zig zag method?

I was initially so stuck with what to do cause I really did not want to do something simple. (AMBITIOUS ME) I wanted to straight up explore and do something crazy that at the same time will help me to gather some ideas for my final project.


After doing the normal “patchwork style” applique methods, I felt that the entire piece was just monotonous and lacking in depth. So I wanted to do something crazy, I looked up images of MONSTERS (my theme for the final project is monsters) and I found that the eyes of the monsters are pretty creepy. So I decided to explore with googling eyes because I thought why not make it cute! And this is a bittt far fetch but I thought my piece was a little Harajuku inspired? The wacky colours and array of textures really makes the entire pops!


Not as crazy as those Harajuku clothings but I’m getting a little crazy monster vibe from this one here! I thought the net/mesh has just enough holes to reveal the mini pom poms and googly eyes. Highlight: They make a sound everytime you shake it!


Which led me to this, I really wanted to make a top and instead of putting just eyes inside, I wanted to put bells. This will be something I will work on in the future, and I’m hoping on making a bolder colour scheme to make the Harajuku crazy monster image.4

Final Sample:

Author: Diane Lim

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