Need to Knit

Things you need:

  1. Knitting needles
  2.  Yarn
  3. Patience

How I started the knit life.

Password: knit

Heads up.

Im addicted to knitting.


Nothing much to say about how knitting works: just have two sticks and a ball of yarn and you are good to go. I was testing our how would knitting in fashion look like if I did it HAHAH. So here’s a few testers I did.

 I tried to make a hairband thingy. This was the very first piece I did in class. (I think) and I tried to knit tighter and a mixture of yarn thickness.

Then I did it in looser knits and created a mesh like cloth like texture. WOW that is a mouthful. (Although I typed it out…)

Here is my attempt at making a weird top for my monsters theme finals? It is sort of a prototype and also very unfinished…at the moment it looks like an empty bikini…

UPDATE (9/3/2017)

I made a beanie with this knitting loom thing I borrowed from Vanessa, I’m sorry to everyone painstakingly knitting away :’) But this is really muccccchhhhhhh faster!!

This is the final product with my grandfather modelling for me HAHA.

Knitting is just knitting. There isn’t really a lot to say. You have to understand the fundamentals and the different techniques before you can explore the wide variety of patterns out there. Until now I still cannot read the instructional guides to knitting because the numbers are hard to decipher. But that is something I will work one. One thing I like about kniting is how comforting it is to sit and meditate when knitting. Also installations made with knit are really cool.


Maybe maggi knit one day??

Museum Field Trip


Ok, so we went to the museum on the reunion dinner day of CNY. LOL.

I didn’t read up on the exhibition and I just went cause I prefer to be surprised! Not because I didn’t prepare! These photos were taken by Vimal (my classmate from surface design) cause I lost all my photos when my phone spoiled a week after the trip… :'( Thank you and all the credits to him!!!

Everything in that little exhibition caught my eye. The textiles, prints brought me back to some time like my mother’s era. I found the little videos they included in the exhibition so fascinating. As they interviewed some people and talked about skirt length and bikinis, something I never thought people of the “olden days” would be open about. The prints were vibrant and the clashing colours really stand out to me. The effort on the little details is what really got to me. The tiny beads on the shoes and knitted-wear, the embroidery and the miniature combs and stuff. I was very inspired by the beading. In fact, It reminded me of one of my favourite embroidery artist Teresa Lim.

This is one of my inspiration for my surface design theme: monsters. The little details will help to add textures and colors and reflective surfaces onto my designs which will give the monsters I create more character and dimension.


Melting plastics IS SO FUN AND ADDICTIVE

Things you need:

  1. Plastic bags / thin plastics
  2. Baking Paper
  3. Iron

Ok. Before I get down to this project, can I just say I never knew melting plastics can be sooooo much fun!!! HAHA Here’s what I made after I gain the new skill. Oh, for those we don’t know how this is done, basically you just fuse the plastics together underneath a sheet of baking paper.

Fused to super thin tranparent plastics together and I left some strings and thingamabobs inbetween the plastics to create more textures.

Here’s where the fun begins, I made this egg pouch in collaboration with Vanessa, and we even came up with a company name called “Refuse” And I think I am going to make a backpack using just plastics for finals! 🙂

From here on, I experimented with different textures like drawing on the plastic and trying to create a shrink plastic effect…

Fusing plastic together to create patterns.


This technique was the most addictive one of them all! (still not sure if it was because of the fumes or what) I found this technique to have endless possibilities and it was very environmentally friendly, we could use the old plastic bags and give them new life. Such as this! A babies bib that the child will definitely outgrow very quickly, what is the point of spending money to buy when you can

Such as this! A babies bib that the child will definitely outgrow very quickly, what is the point of spending money to buy when you can diy it yourself at home???


What I did was to experiment with the technique to make my circle bag for finals. I wanted to use plastic fusing as a cheap alternative to be as a test piece or a guide for my final piece. It actually turned out pretty nicely!