Bleaching is Reverse Tie Dye

Things you need:
1. Cotton Cloth
2. Rubber Bands
3. Bleach
4. Spray Bottle (Optional)

How to do it:
1. Tie the type of design you want. (From what I saw on the tutorial online, most of them gives a circular shape so it is important to experiment!)
2. Spray bleach.
3. Wait for the bleaching to happen
4. Wash your cloth thoroughly.

Internet Inspiration:

I found that you can even paint the bleach on?? Which is something most people will not think of, also a good spray bottle will give a very even effect. I feel that bleaching do not really appeal to me because the subtractive element of the technique makes it hard to control sometimes. Also the aesthetic of bleaching did not appeal to my theme on corals.


Final Sample:

Author: Diane Lim

ADM | 21 | @common_err (Instagram)

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