Etching on Fabric

Things you need:
1. Fabric (silk/cellulose)
2. Fibre Remover Solution
3. Silkscreen
4. Squeegee
I tried to wash the cloth in hot water but the cloth tore when i scrapped it??

How to do it:
1. Put your silkscreen over the fabric (if there is no exposed image on the screen, you can use transparency as a blocking method)
2. Spread the fibre remover solution and screen it through. (If you are not using a screen, you can skip this step)

3. Let the fibre remover solution to dry completely before ironing it over baking paper.
4. Scrap off the dried fibre solution using a cardstock (or anything you want)

This technique is very fun but it requires a lot of planning a skill to make the two-tone kind of etching also straight lines seems very difficult. But I would try this again out of school time and I really like it in the embroidery hoop because you can see the light.

Author: Diane Lim

ADM | 21 | @common_err (Instagram)

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