Hello Helvetica

If I could I would post this entire post in Helvetica, but I wouldn’t want to throw off the entire look of my oss site.

What is Helvetica to me?
I know a lot of people know about Helvetica. But before I came to uni I didn’t know what Helvetica before. My life revolved around Calibri and occasional Times New Roman.
Helvetica showed me a new typeface that to me is almost perfect. I am personally drawn to san serif typefaces and Helvetica is the near perfect typeface I would use.
Helvetica to me have a serious but sort of a dark humor kind of character. It can take up a lot of roles and persona, its flexibility if what drawn me to the typeface.

Helvetica will have a long way to go.

Reflections : Art Nouveau

What I think/love about Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau itself is a very new topic to me. I did not come across it as a style before. I took great interest in the aesthetics of the Art Nouveau. 

I really enjoyed the illustration style of Art Nouveau and how they kept the realism of the humans but added additional features to the art piece. Out of all the things that I have learnt, I really enjoyed the part about Ukiyo-e. The whole idea about the floating world and the wild nightlife scene seems very interesting.

This is one of my favourite piece of work of all times! I really enjoy this print as the colors really intrigued me. I felt that given the lack of certain technological advances at that point of time, this artwork is one of the greatest breakthrough in terms of design and composition. I have never seen something else that could be serene and yet ferocious and threatening at the same time. I am very intrigued by the subject matter which is the waves. The waves look very menacing given its massive size in comparison to the tiny boats and it is even smaller than the mountain. Yet the curves of the waves allow it to somewhat like a being almost as if the waves have a life of its own. The colors of the waves allow it to be portrayed as more serene and the white foam of the waves is almost like its embracing the boats (even when its suppose to be a killer wave-ish looking wave)

In any sense, I think the beauty of Ukiyo-e and Art Nouveau is unmeasurable. I am very fascinated with the variety of design and prints. Especially when both European and Asian designs are so different yet the culture of the place has such a huge role on the design of the artpiece. The traditions that have formed throughout the years is reflected in the style and subject matter chosen in the artwork.


Speaking from a phone…

My name is Samsung S4 GI9506. I am Korean. I am 2 human years old. My owner’s name is Diane Lim. My main job is to snap other people faces and wake Diane up in the morning. Just like most Kpop Idols, I sing pretty well. Every morning I sing a song to wake Diane up. But it doesn’t usually work. So I will help to receive calls from Diane’s friends to wake her up. I would say that I dress pretty well. Or at least Diane thinks she dresses me well. She likes to make me wear transparent clothes. Which I don’t understand. My American friends always get to wear trendy pieces but I on the other hand wears cooler clothes. In the day, Diane like to use snapchat and shove my face into other people’s face. I really don’t understand humans. They are so strange. They like to shove me into their sweaty faces when they pick up calls too. My owner is very bad at taking care of me. I wouldn’t call it abuse…but she is very careless and always drop me on the floor. Good thing my best friend always sticks by my side and protect me. Her name is called Shatterproof. She is my protector. Her job is to prevent me from getting smashed on my face. But she have gotten some scars on the side of her face due to the frequent falls. Diane don’t intend on changing the protector anytime soon so I guess we will be sticking together for a long time. Due to the falls, I have less stable internet connections now. Even typing this took quite a while….