A study on predominant ‘accents’ of Aesthetics



Lecture 2 introduced and discussed the 3 main ergonomics that large influence the form factor of products. They are main function , human factors and emotion.

The 3 main characteristics are are inter changeable and may or may not even skew to one single characteristic.

Below i would like to share 3 products that I feel are dominant in the accents that influence their form factors.

Blendtec Blender

The Blendtec blender line has always been marketed as a powerful professional kitchen line of blenders that can be utilised in any type of kitchen.  It’s function is simple, it is to blend and breakdown anything you put in the blender.

Therefore, in my opinion, the function and usability of the  blender largely affects its form factor, from the simple body design to the easy to use one touch and one screen design to the simple over all shape of the container and lid.

Polaris Slingshot


The Polaris Slingshot, a powerful 3-wheeled vehicle that retails for USD$20,000 is a vehicle that will make you feel like Batman. It is designed to give you the hype and thrill of an open vehicle, no windscreen, no doors, and certainly no roof. It’s puppy rear wheel also ensures that the vehicle does not commit to a straight path and is also able to handle extreme corners very well.

It’s emotion driven, a vehicle that makes the user feel good from the thrill of riding in it such a unconventional experience that no car or bike can offer on the road.

Its low body, bucket chairs and sleek removable hood to it’s striking colours are all testament to how emotion played a major roll to it’s form factor.

Ipanema Thing U

What happens when Philippe Starck Made slippers? Thing U is what happens when Phillipe Starck’s french brand of simple inventive design meets slippers. Targetted to represent high elegance paired with minimalism , i felt that the form design of these slippers greatly attributes to the Human factors. This is supported by the elegant design of the single strap that complements the bead located infront of the flipflop.


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