Donald A. Norman // Chapter 1: The Psychopathology of Everyday Things // Week 1-2 Reading Response


Good designs are designs that you take for granted. The biggest take away from this reading is this. Good design often goes unnoticed , while bad ones usually get the most limelight.

Its the little things that designers must pay attention to in order for good design, its always good to put yourself in the position of your user, they do not understand the things that you do, and that not everything is about aesthetics.

Discoverability, is the learning process that the product has. The learning curve of the product, its components and likewise

Understanding is the pre-knowledge that comes with experience, certain signs and designs that reminds you of it’s function.

And with complex devices with more and more functions coming together , we do indeed have the need for instruction or certain levels of guidance, but inevitably i feel that sometimes what is lost from the designer to the person with the product is the loss of the transference of intention . Designers and their teams would set certain expectations and considerations, which should be expressed through the design. However , when there is no base of comparison, how are we to then appreciate these considerations. One of the examples would be the aluminium textures engineered for the macbook, however unseeming it is, one would only appreciate the tactile skin like feeling only when you read or watch their videos featuring them. If you have not used any other kinds of laptops , you would then never appreciate the subtle differences and efforts placed into this feature.

Image result for apple aluminium macbook

Design is inevitably a give and take issue, the balancing of trade-offs, and with every consideration to features, affordability and form. And thats why design is hard, because you can never please everyone. However, i feel a big change that considerations should be showcased, to let us appreciate the everyday product. And the psychopathology and reception of good and bad design would then greatly differ.

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