Project 1B

For project 1B, our task was to interpret the poem, Robert Frost’s “Fire and Ice” and interpret it visually. When I first came across the poem, I was inspired by the imaginary post apocalyptic world, where majority of the world as we know loses the values and the integrity that keeps it running upright. Chaos decends, crime runs rampant as we suffer from the heightened effects of global warming, as if it was punishment from the gods for not being able to keep our own world in check. In order to illustrate that, I decided to utilise a series of double exposures in order to show the chaos that has descended upon our world.

For the first image, it is an image of the silhouette of a kissing couple with the flare of the sun in the background, overlaid with the image of fire and charcoal over a grill. This photo was composed to show that uncontrolled passion and the lack of restraint has corrupted our society through pornography and prostitution, which have far reaching effects that will eventually take a toll on family and other traditional value, leading to a downfall of our honest world.




For the second image, it is an image of the silhouette of people scattered around a mountain, overlaid with the image of ice. My intention of this photo was to form a narrative of a group of people who recognise that the world is sinking into a pit of madness and chaos, and is trying to find a new land to build a new world, one from which we can be reborn. The visuals of the image, the mixture of ice and fire, is meant to show a dreamlike world that is unlike that of the world we know.

Mountain Silhouette:



Lastly, for the third image, it is a triple exposure. The first image is a silhouette of a man standing with mountains in the distance, the second image is of a train window, and the third and last image is of the side of an iceberg. This photo was meant to show how the lack of values in the post apocalyptic world causes people to be isolated and lonely, as shown in the photo. The “ice” in this photo is meant to show the lack of genuine emotions that people have for each other in this post apocalyptic world, suffering from an emotional “death”.

Silhouette Man:


Ice Wall:


Author: Donn Tan

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