2D Foundation: Project 1

Photo 7-9-15, 9 32 26 AM

Final Project

Our final project was to utilise different monoprinting methods to create a certain sense of emotion within the patterns/lines/splatters. My final project is shown above, and it consists of a total of 18 different emotions, as per requirements. But before we reached this final conclusion, there was a lot of research and exploration to be done.

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First Exposure

This was our first exposure to our project. We were told to utilise lines and dots to create a sense of the different emotions listed on the left side.



Photo 12-10-15, 8 29 40 PM



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Below are the three of my favourite patterns: Sensual, Psychotic and Exhausted.


Photo 12-10-15, 8 32 46 PM


Sensual was actually one of the panels which took the longest for me to think of. I was not sure what could correctly depict sensual, but I knew the lines had to have nice curves of varying thickness throughout and also a very clean line. Hence, I decided on this “sensuous” line by using a pen knife to get a nice, clean cut.

Photo 12-10-15, 8 32 54 PM


My psychotic panel was actually inspired by horror movies, and how flustered a man gets when he’s trying to clean up a murder scene. It was two layers of monoprint, the first layer was a simple light weathering of the entire panel and the second layer was the criss crossing lines

Photo 12-10-15, 8 33 06 PM


Last but not least, the Exhausted panel. This panel was inspired by the decay on old walls, in old buildings. The dirt that accumulates that looks like a set of shadows on the wall. This was done using brush and diluted black paint, lightly brushing over repeatedly.

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