Flight, 2017

Flight, 2017
Mixed Media
(3560mm x 420mm)

Flight Animated, 2017
(3860 x 480 pixels)

“She lifts her head and her arms towards it…
and together they fly away from this place full of the dead.” 

Having met in school, Zhu who was disguised as a boy fell for the scholar Liang, deciding to reveal herself only after many years. With their families opposing their relationship, Liang lived a lonely life and passed away with Zhu only finding out on the day of her betrothal to another. The day of her marriage, she passes Liang’s grave and begs for the ground to open so that she may be with him. It is as if the heavens heard her because then the earth cracked open and swallowed her entirely. Their spirits are then said to have emerged from the grave and ascended as butterflies.

Created by Deborah Wong
© 2017 Deborah Wong, All Rights Reserved

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