Typographic Portrait Problem: Research


The Bauhaus style favours function over form, hence many of its designs feature clean and powerful typography is a integrated graphical element in an artwork.

Looking at the pictures above, they seem to be architectural in nature (due to its overall geometrical layout and angles). They also make use of simple-to-read fonts (of both upper and lower case), which aligns with Bauhaus’s principle of form follows function.


DADA‘s typography is unconventional (as with the entire movement); there is often a combination of various serif and san-serif fonts with unorthodox punctuation and symbols.

As the movement was seen as a protest response to the outbreak of ar in the period, many of the artworks can be interpreted as rebellious and angst-filled from its chaotic layouts.



(By Patrick Cabral)


(By  Santiago Sierra López)

Typo Assignment_Symbols_EuniceOng

Works that consist of parts of fonts and alphabets to form images.

(By Gabby Manotoc)



DSC_8871 s

Nyonya porcelain ware – often painted in flamboyant colours that is characteristic of Peranakan artworks.

Some recognisable motifs of Peranakan culture are the peony and phoenix, which represents fruitful marriage and fertility. Another interpretation of these symbols could be the representation of the straits of Chinese immigrants.



Traditional Cherki game

Similar to Mah Jong, nyonyas and babas would play this popular card game to past time. In many cases, gossiping came hand-in-hand with the game.


stencil and paste resist (Katazome 型染め)#07

Batik cloth

The batik sarong is a wrap skirt worn with kebaya that comes with an array of vibrant colours and intricate patterns. Dye is applied by brush. The finished product is seen to be lighter and richer in colour as compared to Javanese batiks.


Peranakan (Majolica) tiles

These tiles were used for different decorative purposes (interior, exterior, tombstones, etc.). Art nouveau inspired, they were mainly shipped into Southeast Asia from England between the 19-20th century.


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