Point of View Research

Going into the second project and i’m feeling ambitious.















ac08b325238851.56343191ee46f(By Karolis Strautniekas)


Behance is my go-to place for inspiration; I can spend hours browsing on it. It’s also really useful when sourcing for inspiration or even particular styles as references.


















Carl Burton

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Guillaume Kurkdjian

Some flawless and yet simple(ish) moving graphics. I’m considering perhaps animating my work for this upcoming project. It’ll be a challenge for sure.















HariandDeeptByTheRiver HariAndDeeptiFieldsOfGold3 paper-sunken-ship-sea-468x351






























































Hari and Deepti

All done with paper and scissors and two pairs of hands; and a LED light used as a backlight. Would love to try their concept out for something in the future?

573ca0daf46cd1fe47215d45400b994e oasis_ja Oasis-Falling-Down-Amorphous-Androgynous-remix Oasis460x460





















Oasis Album Cover Art

Collage art will probably be my backup plan if my graphics don’t go well.


vassos-phobia-01 vassos-phobia-02 vassos-phobia-05

John Vassos


Inspired by Vassos’s phobias, I’m thinking of revolving around the theme of fear, in particularly, personal fears that are atypical – fears that are not necessarily blunt or cause us to be terror-stricken, but rather its subtleties, illustrated in a context that is universally relatable, no matter how individually different we are.


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