Motif Development WIP

From my consult with Gillian, I decided to reconsider and simplify my concept to fit with the visual direction that I want to pursue, while keeping in line with my original intention to execute something a little whacky.

Revised concept

Deconstruct elements and motifs found at hungry ghost festivals and reinterpreting them.

Reference board where all of my sourced images can be found at:

I made a word list of objects/symbols seen at festivals that I’d like to create patterns of (specially entertainment and offerings):

Folded ingots, lotus lanterns, clouds, temples, water, dragons, fire, plastic chairs, oranges, joss papers, food offerings, wayang, getai

With them in mind, I started to sketch some of them on illustrator:

Motifs inspired by a Chinese buddhist temple’s roof and ceiling. Experimentation with the hermann grid; scintillations at intersections.

Scales: played around with various strokes and concentric shapes which gave a rather trippy effect.
Abstract view of folded gold ingots with joss paper.

Am still experimenting with a lot more shapes!

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