Micro-project: Glitched Abberations

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.09.50 AM

This is the original picture I used – a screenshot of my Google homepage. I thought it would be interesting to scramble up the ‘code’ of a website.


First glitch (opened with Preview)


Second glitch (opened with Preview)


Third glitch (opened with Preview)

I made 3 versions of glitched images, each one building upon the previous one. For some reason, all 3 images looked different when I opened them on Preview or on Photoshop. I have no idea why, but its pretty interesting anyway. I think each program reads the scrambled code differently and interprets it differently, which simply illustrates the various inner workings of different programs.

First glitch (opened with Photoshop)

First glitch (opened with Photoshop)

Second glitch (opened with Photoshop)

Second glitch (opened with Photoshop)

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.09.50 AM copy 3

Third glitch (opened with Photoshop)

My process was simple; I simply cut and pasted chunks of code for the first and second images. For the third one, I did some copy and pasting to duplicate segments of the code to see what would happen.

Personally, I like how the second (the really red one) picture came out. There are still some visible, fuzzy kind of shapes and the redness of it is just amazing.


  1. i like how the original image and the final glitch image is totally unrecognisable. This shows not to judge a jpeg by its text. HAHAHA

  2. Haha.. I like the way the glitches and distortion are very linear. Reminds me of the TV losing its reception when I was very young!

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