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Micro-project: Glitched Abberations

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.09.50 AM

This is the original picture I used – a screenshot of my Google homepage. I thought it would be interesting to scramble up the ‘code’ of a website.


First glitch (opened with Preview)


Second glitch (opened with Preview)


Third glitch (opened with Preview)

I made 3 versions of glitched images, each one building upon the previous one. For some reason, all 3 images looked different when I opened them on Preview or on Photoshop. I have no idea why, but its pretty interesting anyway. I think each program reads the scrambled code differently and interprets it differently, which simply illustrates the various inner workings of different programs.

First glitch (opened with Photoshop)

First glitch (opened with Photoshop)

Second glitch (opened with Photoshop)

Second glitch (opened with Photoshop)

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.09.50 AM copy 3

Third glitch (opened with Photoshop)

My process was simple; I simply cut and pasted chunks of code for the first and second images. For the third one, I did some copy and pasting to duplicate segments of the code to see what would happen.

Personally, I like how the second (the really red one) picture came out. There are still some visible, fuzzy kind of shapes and the redness of it is just amazing.

Pirate Broadcast II: Periscope

Screenshots of Hall Cooking

Screenshots of Hall Cooking

So I decided to broadcast a live show of me cooking lunch in my hall room.

Lunch menu: Onion, tomato & pepper stir-fried chicken, kailan, hard-boiled egg and bread.

Initially I found it hard to hold the phone and cook at the same time, so after painstakingly taking a couple of screenshots, I took a few minutes to find a place where I could mount my phone and show me cooking. It felt weird, knowing that people were just watching you cook. It felt weird because it felt like an intrusion, but at the same time they had been invited to watch, so it isn’t actually an intrusion.

However, after a while I began to feel responsible for putting on a good show for them; after all, they were my audience and they were giving me their own personal time.

After I ended my broadcast, I decided to explore other people’s broadcasts. Here is one screenshot that I took:QuickMemo+_2015-09-16-12-48-55

The feeling this time was very different; I felt curious, intrigued at what people were broadcasting. It seems to me that either the sharing culture is very different overseas or that people are simply much more outspoken online than in real life. I noticed that people will comment on a wide variety of things. For example, one post was titled “Making breakfast”, and people were asking whats for breakfast, or commenting on the different foodstuffs that the broadcaster was showing. I felt like rather voyeuristic, somewhat like a peeping tom. However, I think that it’s great that people are able to feel comfortable talking to complete strangers and perhaps after using these social apps long enough, I too will feel comfortable in other stranger’s shared spaces.

Micro-Project: Pirate Broadcasting


Broadcasting from the SRC: My attempt at the Ronaldinho Crossbar Challenge

And here is the original video from Nike featuring Ronaldinho:


Obviously, I am no Ronaldinho. Oh well.


Blog Narrative

This is a story about the consequences of a birthday celebration. The guy holding the blue box in the background is the birthday boy, YX. We’d just celebrated his birthday in a typical drinking fashion and this is a photo of the three of us at a carpark at Sentosa at around 2 or 3am (I think). As obscene as this photo may look, the guy with his head on my lap is really just sleeping/drunk/unconscious.


Honestly, I’m not very sure why I was sitting on the floor with him or why his head was on my lap. I don’t remember posing for the photos either. Actually, until I recently revisited this photo, I didn’t remember that it was a birthday celebration.



Here we are again, out of the carpark and somewhere in Sentosa. What I remember is that we stumbled along some path until we came across this huge tent. It was probably set up for some event planned for the next day, but the entrance was open and we went in to lie down.

Once again, I have no recollection of this photo having been taken. However, these photos all somehow appeared in my phone. Hence, I truly appreciate the modern day advantages of having cameras in our pockets wherever we go, to capture these memories that otherwise would forever remain forgotten.