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Interactive Spaces Semester Project: Undefined Field


For my semester project, I chose to explore ways in which we could transform existing spaces in and around ADM into spaces of play. The eventual execution of the idea was wrapping lengths of cloth around 2 pillars to simultaneously create a ‘goal’ and a projection screen. Placed together with a ball, this encouraged people to kick the ball through the goal, which would trigger an instant playback of the previous 5 seconds.

Although this was a relatively simple project, it still posed more difficulties than I had foreseen. Most of these problems were regarding the setup itself. From wrapping the cloth – and making sure it stayed up – to configuring the sensor and deciding how to place the camera and projector, everything was made more difficult because almost all the devices were physically connected to my laptop. While I feel that the result was as I expected it to be, there is definitely room for improvement in order to create a more enjoyable and interactive experience.


Experience 2: Video Walk

For this video walk assignment, I initially tried playing with overlaying patterns to distort the surfaces encountered during the walk. These patterns eventually turned into ways for me to use lines to distort the perspective of the volumes and planes of the objects in the room.

This led me to the idea of creating a digitally distorted reality, where everything becomes extended or flattened. I also added in sound effects to complete the experience.


This is how I would set up 1, 10, 100 and 1000 lightbulbs in a cubic space:


These arrangements follow the extension from a point in space, to a line, to a plane and finally to a volume.

My arrangements are also organized in a grid system, whereby the lightbulbs are regularly spaced from one another and reflects the planes of the interior space itself. In the 100 and 1000 examples, I also find that there is a spatial tension within the arrangements because the separated clusters of lightbulbs share strong similar visual traits to one another.

I think that the way I have arranged the lightbulbs also emphasize the centralized form, and hence presents very stable and dominating visual.