Point of View Research

After the Typographic Portrait project, I decided to continue with the theme of animals for this project and decided to look from the perspective of how different animals see themselves. I decided to try a new style of drawing this time, and took inspiration from a new digital art series about Cats as Snacks.



Art Snacks by Marija Tiurina


Art Snacks by Marija Tiurina


Art Snacks by Marija Tiurina


I like the slightly glossy feel of the illustrations, and I also like how each image is simply placed on a single-coloured background with a slight vignette.


I also decided to play with the idea of suggestion, and showing only parts of the animal instead of the full one to tie in with the suggestion of that being the point of view of the animal, and also so the audience can try to guess what the image actually is.

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