Zine research and process

When thinking of ideas for my zine, I knew I wanted to create one that featured animals, since both my project one and project two were about animals. One of the zine ideas that caught my attention on Pinterest was this:



Grover Zine Pack by girliepains

I liked the idea of having a small zine in a cute packaging with a badge and a sticker, however the specified requirement in our brief was A5, and producing badges and stickers for all my illustrations would be costly, hence I looked at other zine layouts.



Pinned by Flavie Duquenoy


I liked the circular look of this particular zine that was repinned many times on Pinterest and decided to adopt a similar style for my zine.

After thinking about how I could incorporate my project one and two, and how I could use my incomplete-looking animal parts, I decided to make a sliding children’s book, with the concept of sliding from coloured images to grayscale, and playing with the idea of things not being what they seem. For example,  rudolph with antlers, instead of his nose.



And Dumbo the elephant with a huge nose instead of his ears.



The pages had to separated into text pages and slider pages, rather than laid out using indesign, but this is what the cover and back page looked like:


Click here to view


The rest of the pages of the zine that were printed were laid out like this



Had a lot of fun with this project! ^ ^ Will update again with images of final zine!

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