1. In Plain Sight
    Logline: Renowned photographer strikes a deal with death for a second chance at life in exchange for his most prized possession — his sight.
    Themes: An exploration of regrets that one may have when dying, and what one would give for another chance at life. It ultimately shows that death is inescapable, no matter how we try to avoid it, but what we have done in our lifetime is what counts.
    StyleMinimal dialogue, POV shooting, gradually moving out of focus as the story progresses. Starting and ending film with black screen (The idea of how life is a cycle). Contrast of high-key and low-key lighting to represent life and death.
  2. Lost and Found
    Logline: As children, we fear the monsters in our closet ; we stop fearing them when we realise they’ve been inside us all along.
    Themes: Exploration of growing up, and society’s rat race. The idea that as children, we see others (except our parents) as monsters, and we fear people (cry when other people pick us up), and as we grow older we realise these are actually people. But in our pursuit for success we slowly turn into monsters ourselves.

    Style: No dialogue, a lot of close up shots, tracking shots 
  3. Ephemeral
    Logline: A man tries to salvage what’s left of his dying marriage, but it seems something has gone terribly wrong and it can’t be fixed
    Themes: Touches on death and loss (yes, the man is actually dead, that’s why the marriage can’t be salvaged) Exploration of grief and coping mechanisms
    Style: One sided dialogue from the man. Low key lighting.