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PI2 – Exercise Breaking Dawn

So here I am, retreating to the Central Catchment Nature Reserves over the weekend and rethinking therapeutic landscapes amidst the horrifying series of final projects heading towards our way.

The act of pushing and pulling film is almost like a myth to me; I have heard about it from the old masters, professors, photography peers but I have never seen any physical image or prints produced from this technique nor have I encounter/ experience it personally. For the purpose of my study on the effects of pushing and pulling, I have exposed both rolls of film with identical setup (aside from light reading) with +/- 1/3 Ev to have a better understanding to both approaches for my future field applications.

It is evident that pushing film increases negative contrast and pulling film decreases negative contrast – this is definitely one of the most important piece of information to be aware of in order for me to adapt to the different lighting condition and subject matter if ever one day, monochrome or colour film becomes my selected choice of medium; for what I have been exposed to are only dodging and burning in the traditional darkroom.


Come to think of it as I am writing this post, I should have also expose one more roll in its native ISO rating for a better comparison… Oh well, at the very least, now I can be proud to declare that I have come face to face with the myth and I have finally tried this technique out personally for once!