DR3005 – Week 8

After last week’s consultation, we’ve decided to narrow down our concept to focus on the curved bench idea. Building upon the original concept, we developed a new form for the seating installation.

Here are the issues that were brought up in the previous model:
– Exterior design doesn’t feel like a bird nest because it is too neat
– Open door design destroys the form of the nest
– PV needed for lighting at the bottom edge of the pod

Previous Model

Hence, we set out to address these issues in our new form.


In the new design, we added a roof over the top of the seating. The roof is not fully closed as it has a circular opening which mimics the structure of the bird nest, allowing light to pass through and designed to feel more open. There is a criss-cross design on the roof, accentuated by the tangle of ropes intertwining to mimic the irregularity of the twigs and branches arranged to form a bird’s nest.


The support structure that connects the bench with the roof is designed in a curved shape. The diminishing design as seen from the top, from big to small, allows people to feel a sense of airiness and breathing space, while being inside this cosy setting. The curviness of the structure is designed to make people feel welcomed and this will replicate the feeling of hatchlings safe and sound in their home nest.


For the seats, we kept the circular design, but we changed it from a pod-like, closed structure to a more open, outward facing design to encourage more free-style, loose seating as chosen by the students themselves (some may choose to sit on top, others at the bottom), which can promote more closeness and interaction while they are enjoying the space.


The ropes encircling the structure are connected from the top to the bottom, in a criss-cross pattern. Some parts are denser with more rope, whereas there are some parts which are less denser. Our vision is for students to pull apart the rope while stepping into the structure, so this creates a playful form of interaction between the people and the structure.


This structure is not powered by electricity. It uses natural sunlight to cast shadows of the criss-cross ropes onto the seats beneath the roof. The shadow is for people to visualize themselves in the midst of a bird nest as the irregularity of the shadows cast will form an interesting and conversational topic among the people.


  • The spacious open roof presents a possibility for birds to actually build their nest there. Hopefully this structure will capture their attention and makes them feel secure enough to build their own nests there. This will further add attraction to the structure and might make people more aware of birds and the nature surrounding us. (How to clean the bird poop tho??)



First Draft Design


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  1. ok, this shape start to become more significant

    what kind of materials are you proposing for the structure, and for the roof?

    carefully consider the materials since your choice will strongly define the nest design (wood, bamboo, metal…?)

    one suggestion: the supporting structure (curved pillars) looks too much man-made, too regular, not much as a natural element.

    can you try to make the curved pillars less conspicuous? maybe thinner sticks will better combine with ropes size …

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