DR3005 – Week 13 (Final)

Week 13 (Final Presentation)

The Nest

Our design is inspired by bird nests found in nature. A bird’s nest is a symbol of the home, an abode where we grow and prosper. A good luck symbol, the bird’s nest represents love and warmth, providing protection and concealment. Nests in nature are built in a random fashion using carefully selected twigs and leaves, they embody dedication, patience and a certain

The seemingly random arrangement of the ropes and the open, unconcealed nature of the structure attempt to embody these attributes. The use of warm coloured natural materials like wood and hemp rope pay homage to mother nature as well, in appearance and texture. The intertwined ropes provide support for creeping plants and epiphytes, while creating spaces where real
birds can roost and build their nests. By combining the man-made with the natural, we create a multitude of nests, one for humans to gather and another for animals to build their home.

Thisnest within a nest attempts to bring humans and mother nature closer together, while embodying positive qualities that represent NTU and her students.

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The structure is wrapped in an intertwining weave of ropes, mimicking the random arrangement of twigs that make up a nest.

The intersecting ropes have both an aesthetic and functional purpose, the latter being to create supports on which birds can build their nests in.

The open structure allows the flow of air and light, while the irregular arrangement of the ropes mimics the randomness of nests in nature.

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