Foundation 2D Project 3 – Ego (Behind-The-Scenes)

Foundation 2D Project 3 – Ego (Behind-The-Scenes)

Sushi Story


Sushi Display Shelve

Colouring the Plates (White > Glossy Black)

Setting up Frame

Testing Up Frame (Checking for stability, weight load test)

Setting up Roof Design


Testing for Light (Circuit Placement Design)

Lantern in Making

Full Assembly

Presentation @ 191115




I was wondering if I should use Ebi for the mathematical symbols


The End!
Thank You Very Much!

Foundation 2D Project 2 – Final Rhymes Summary


Foundation 2D Project 2 – Final Rhymes Summary


Choice of final rhyme

Initial Poem:
What does the bee do? – Christina Rossetti
A Dog & a Cat Went Out Together – Anonymous

A Dog and a Cat went out together.

A dog and a cat went out together,
To see some friends just out of town;
Said the cat to the dog,
“What d’ye think of the weather?”
“I think, Ma’am, the rain will come down.”

“But don’t be alarmed,
For I’ve an umbrella
That will shelter us both,”
Said this amiable fellow.

I find this Nursery Rhyme interesting to work on

  1. Dog & Cat– Getting a Dog & a Cat to accept each other is a difficult task. Some Dogs see Cats as prey and Cats who never lived with Dogs will likely see them as predators and will run or become defensive aggressive. Hence, the Dog and Cat in this Nursery Rhyme explained the impossible possible.
  2. Accepting the unacceptable– “Interracial Marriage” came to my mind after reading through this Nursery Rhyme. “Interracial Marriage” is define as the marriage between two different racial groups.

Because, Love is blind, even if it wasn’t, it would welcome the differences that set people apart. I think it is important to mention about the relationship between the Dog and the Cat and possibly relate this in human context.

Similar to the previous poem I’m working on: “What Does the Bee Do?”
Both talks about relationship but in the different context.
For “What Does the Bee Do?” – It talks about the cohesion between families inside the beehive.
Each Bee have a role in the house hence a awesome workforce.
For “A Dog and a Cat went out together” it’s more focus on the subjects rather than as a whole.


Elaboration of composition

Eugene - 001          In the centre of the composition, it shows the eye view of a Cat and a Dog respectively. The walk out to town seems like a steep and dangerous one.
In the background, it shows a dense forest (Easy to get lost, either trap or get out alive), with scary creatures at the entrance (Evil Hands). The idea was to bring out the unease feeling of the cat and dog. – They know that the journey would be a difficult one, but they have to endure and overcome this challenge.Also, at the foreground, it shows the roots of the trees which justify the difficulty of the journey – Because walking on a path with roots is never flat.


002          The Cat, in on the other hand, is nervous and she feel anxiety. She wonders if the journey to town will be safe. In the composition, the Cat can be seen on 2 narrative viewpoints. On the Left, it shows the negative side of her: Questioning about the rumours she heard, worry about the problems she might face and troubled about the setback she might see. On the Right, it shows the peaceful side of the Cat as she was accompanied by the Dog.



003         In this composition the Dog plays the husband role, to shelter his ‘wife’ from criticism. As shown from the mouth with deadly pointed swords. The Dog took out his Courage and Bravery (Umbrella) to shelter his wife as they travel along the long stretch of ‘London Bridge’ towards town.





          The last composition summaries the Happy Ending of the Cat and Dog after going through all the challenges they faced. They got married. I made use of certain elements as symbolization.

The Owl – Owls traditionally are a much respected creature in many countries across the globe. In marriage, the Owls represent status, intelligence, wealth, guardianship and protection. The couple received blessings from parents of both sides– And they live happily ever after.

Fanfare  A piece of music that the marriage ceremony must have. It’s the basis.(Why Fanfare?) Like they emerge as victory after persuading their parents.

White Rose – A symbol for true love. Also represents Purity, Innocence, Sympathy, and Spirituality. (For Wife during the First and Last day of marriage)

Red Rose – A symbol of Love and Romance

Sun & Moon – The balance of the active and passive energies that becomes harmonious. The couple receive blessing of light from the Sun God and the truth from the Moon Goddess.


Creative Process

The story was based on Richard Loving & Mildred Jeter who married in 1958. They are well-known because they overturned state laws in the United States that prohibited interracial marriages. The wife was only 18 when they got married. Five weeks after their wedding, they were awakened at 2am by police and arrested for being married to one another. Not only the husband was jailed for a year, they face discrimination. Of course they did not gave up, they wrote letter to the American Civil Liberties Union and after 9 years, their case was heard. – The Supreme Court decided to give in to their favour.

Moral of the story: Never lose hope. You never know what tomorrow may bring. There is always a chance to change and make things right.

Artist References

Hannah Hoch – Photo Montage to combine 2 or more images together, at the same time, applying the ‘feminine’-‘Women in real life’’ feel in the artwork.

However, I feel the artwork more of surreal because of the lack of humorous element in it.

Sarolta Ban


She creates amazing surreal pictures by combining ordinary elements, giving them various stories and personalities. Hopping that the meanings of the pictures are never too limited, are open in some way, each viewer can transform them into a personal aspect.

Bán creates dreamlike scenes with photo manipulation software, sometimes layering as many as one hundred individual images to create a final product.

Sarolta Ban Photo Allegory -HERE-




Thank you for your attention during my presentation. Appreciated! ^^

And A BIG THANK YOU! for my supportive classmates for the Post-it® of encouragements!


Visual Journal Here:





Foundation 2D Project 1 – Final Composition (Nice – Nasty)

Foundation 2D Project 1 – Final Lines


With this marks the end of Project 1.
I enjoyed the overall process such as the field research and the new techniques that was introduced.
The journey was incredibly tough but it’s worth it!

Here is the long waited composition!EUGENE

Concept: Tropical Fish
Techniques: Mono-Printing, Stamping, Drawing
Medium Used: Dead Fish, Fish Bones, Plastic Bag, Concrete Block, Bubble Wrap, Pen Knife, Black Pen & Marker
[18 Lines] [18 Emotions] [9 Nice (Left)] [9 Nasty (Right)]

Nice: Exhausted, Psychotic, Fragile, Sensual, Lyrical, Systematic, Nonsensical, Awkward, Embarrassed.
Nasty: Sloven, Distracted, Aggressive, Indecisive, Ambiguous, Bizarre, Spontaneous, Anxious, Turbulent.

Line-By-Line Explanation (Nice)

Exhausted (Guppy)001Medium used: Kitchen paper
Technique: Mono-printing
Explanation: Done with mono-printing, the ‘dots’ on the kitchen paper represent the ‘Ovaries’ of the guppies. The guppies are able to store sperm in their ovaries which can fertilize up to 8 months which is exhausting for the females. In the expression design above, the ‘Ovaries’ are seen fertilized over a timeframe of 8 months (Left to right) with fertilization (Black dots) and the white being vice versa.

Psychotic (Gold Fish)

Medium used: Bubble wrap and Pen knife
Technique: Mono-printing
Explanation: Done with mono-printing, the bubble wrap were cut into smaller pieces which was later laid out properly to tell a story. Goldfish suffocate easily if given limited amount of space, it is also not recommended to mix Goldfish with other tropical fishes in the same aquarium tank.  In the expression design above, the ‘Goldfish’ can be seen upside down grasping for air on the surface along with random fishes at the side. A bubble wrap was used in this situation to represent air being unlimited for survival.

Fragile (Gold Fish)

Medium used: Plastic bag
Technique: Mono-printing
Explanation: Done with mono-printing, the plastic bag was used to illustrate the how fragile a Goldfish is. As the feeling of a Goldfish is similar to a plastic bag filled with cold water, touching the Goldfish with bare hands will damage its thin protective layer thus endangering their health. In the design expression above, I made use of the plastic bag to create the texture that illustrate fragility and being vulnerable.

Sensual (Butterfly Fish)

Medium used: Butterfly fish
Technique: Stamping
Explanation: Unlike other tropical fish, Butterfly fish are known for their appealing and striking skin patterns which beautify the oceanic livings. They are also refer to as deep lover, that is, once in love always in love. In the design expression above, I was inspired by Yves Klein body art which I made use of the body of a dead butterfly fish to create the sensual skin prints on the surface.

Lyrical (Butterfly Fish)005

Medium used: Black pen and marker
Technique: Drawing
Explanation: In the ocean, Butterfly Fish travel in a fashion manner. They travel in small school and in a ‘Staff’ formation like the music notes on the horizontal lines. In the design expression above, I made use of the Butterfly fish personality and apply it in my drawing. The process is done by reproducing the distinct pattern of the Butterfly fish and draw them with the same distance apart. The patterns are accompanied by small dots to create the movement of the Butterfly fish (Like the music notes).

Systematic (Upside-Down Catfish)006

Medium used: Black pen and marker
Technique: Drawing
Explanation: I did a research and made an observation of the movement of the Upside-Down Catfish in the aquarium tank. The Upside-Down Catfish clean and eat the algae in the tank automatically. I have also noticed the fixed movement on the Upside-Down Catfish around the aquarium tank. In the design expression above, I relate the Upside-Down Catfish with the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) as both share slight similarity. The Upside-Down Catfish move systematically like the train moving from one location to another without missing any stops in between. The Upside-Down Catfish will stop to eat the algae just like the train stopping at stations for the passengers.

Nonsensical (Upside-Down Catfish)007


Medium used: Back pen and marker
Technique: Stamping, Drawing
Explanation: The term ‘Upside-Down’ was given to this Catfish because they swim upside-down most of their time. In the design expression above, I relate to how human see thing if what we are looking is the other way around. In the drawing, the word “H-E-L-L-O” was design in a way that at first glance viewers might take it for the skin pattern of the Upside-Down Catfish. Hence, creating a visual perception.

Awkward (Purple Fire fish)008

Medium used: Cinder block
Technique: Stamping, Monoprinting
Explanation: Purple Fire Fish are shy in nature. There is no way to determine external differences until we see the internal. In the design expression above, the drawing was made on a surface of a cinder block. This is to represent the ‘hiding area’ (usually stone and rock) of the Purple Fire Fish once feeling awkward or met with another species of fish.

Embarrassed (Purple Fire Fish)009

Medium used: Black pen and marker
Technique: Drawing
Explanation: Besides being shy and awkward to new surroundings, the purple fire fish are embarrassed to expose itself to others. It is not recommended to mix Purple Fire Fish with other species of fishes because they will go hiding and probably die of hunger. In the design expression above, I relate ‘Send shivers down the spine’ and the behaviour of the Purple Fire Fish into the drawing. The drawing was based on the movement and the fins of the Purple Fire Fish when it get embarrassed and goes into hiding.


Line-By-Line Explanation (Nasty)

Sloven (Guppy)010

Medium used: Dead guppy, Fish Bone
Technique: Stamping, Monoprinting
Explanation: Guppy are sloven creatures. There is a high tendency for the adult guppy to take their young as food accidently when they go hungry. In the design expression above, I made use of the medium to tell a story of a young guppy being eaten by an adult guppy leaving only the bones at the end.

Distracted (Red Tail Shark)011

Medium used: Black pen and marker
Technique: Drawing
Explanation: Red Tail Shark are easily distracted by other tropical fishes if their territory are being occupied. In the design expression above, I made a focus point (the black spaces) to represent the other tropical fish (eye-sore) while the ones in black are the Red Tail Shark. The message that I would like to convey is that once the other tropical fishes crossed the boundary or distracted the Red Tail Shark, they will end up being hunt down.

Aggressive (Red Tail Shark)012

Medium used: Black pen and marker
Technique: Drawing
Explanation: Known for being aggressive, the Red Tail Shark is a aggressive chaser against tank mates. When one Red Tail Shark becomes dominant, it will chase and harass the other shark from being freed and resting. In the design expression above, the drawing shows pointed edges that is hardly enough for any escape plan. As every available route of escape are dangerous, there is no way of escape even if the other Red Tail Shark wish to.

Indecisive (Parrot Fish)013

Medium used: Male and Female Symbol Stencil
Technique: Monoprinting
Explanation: Parrot fish are a type of indecisive fish that changes gender throughout their lives. In the design expression above, I cut out stencils of male and female logo from cardboards and printed them onto the surface. In the drawing, both logos can be seen combined as this is to demonstrate the transformation phrase form male to female or vice versa.

Ambiguous (Parrot Fish)


Medium used: Black pen and marker
Technique: Drawing
Explanation: Besides the ability to change gender, the parrot fish is able to transform into a cocoon at night to protect themselves from prey. In the design expression above, I was inspired by the art of Sol Levitt. I made use of the contrast and composition to create a visual perception that confused the viewers just like the parrot fish confusing the prey.

Bizzare (Electric Eel)015

Medium used: Eel Skin, Black pen
Technique: Monoprinting, Drawing
Explanation: Electric Eel are special type of fish that is able to produce electricity. This is because they develop a special organ that enable them to do so. In the design expression above, I took the skin of a eel to show the uniqueness of the fish compared to the rest.

Spontaneous (Electric Eel)016

Medium used: Black pen and marker
Technique: Drawing
Explanation: Electric Eel are mostly blind, they don’t know what they are releasing the electricity at. In the design expression above, I demonstrate the energy of electric eel they have with the pulse-like wave. As the Electric Eel can shock electricity for up to an hour without getting tired, the pulse-like wave are consistent in terms of length and width.

Anxious (Pufferfish)017

Medium used: Plastic grass synthetic lawn mat for aquarium fish tank, Fish bone
Technique: Stamping
Explanation: Pufferfish get a little anxious when they sense a difference in wave movement. Once they sense danger, they will turn themselves into a ball of spike. In the design expression above, I made use of the plastic frame that holds the plastic grass and stamp onto the surface. This is to demonstrate the ‘boxes of question’ that when one gets worried or anxious. The fish bone was used to represent the spikes of the Pufferfish when it gets pumped up.

Turbulent (Pufferfish)018

Medium used: Black pen and marker
Technique: Drawing
Explanation: Pufferfish swim in a very slow and clumsy style. In the design expression above, I relate the spikes of the Pufferfish with the arches found in the ancient Roman architecture. The spikes demonstrates the unstableness in behaviour of the Pufferfish while comparing to the strong foundation of Roman architecture.

Notice something?
Did you noticed that 2 emotions belong to 1 fish?
Hence, when the front border is taken away, you should be able to see the transition of 2 panels.



Throughout the project, I have gain valuable experience and skills.
I am grateful for this opportunity to make use of the workshop and applying monoprinting techniques into my concepts.

The project allow me to think critically and create out-of-the-box idea.
I believe that we were given just the right amount of time for submission, hence time well plan. (:

To end off, I hope you enjoyed my research process (Check out the other posts if you have not!!), please give your thought and comments below for suggestions! ^^

Once again, Thank you for checking out!







Foundation 2D Project 1 – Planning Phrase & Medium used.

Foundation 2D Project 1 – Planning Phrase


Below are some of the artworks during the Planning Phrase.

emotionFirstly, I think it is necessary to understand the definition of the 18 emotions given for the project.
Hence, I went to read up on the Robert Plutchik’s Theory on emotions.
It adds on to my understanding and made things clearer.



001 (2)002

Secondly, I put down my pen and start generating possible concepts in this exercise sheet given in class.




,After the Field Research and understanding of certain tropical fishes, I select fishes that is relevant to my project and placed them in order.



Foundation 2D Project 1 – Medium Used.

Below are lists of medium used for the project.




Foundation 2D Project 1 – Line (Research) – Part 4 – Field Research

Foundation 2D Project 1 – Part 4 – Field Research


My theme for this project is “Tropical Fish”.
This includes “Fresh Water Species” & “Salt Water Species”

I got my inspiration from ‘My Dad fish tank’ which features the characters in the ‘Finding Nemo’ movie. The Fish Tank is beautifully decorated with active fishes swimming about – Wonder if they are planning an escape.



In order to understand more about the fishes, I conducted the field research at one of the local fish farm. Throughout the field research, I observe various behavior and recorded down the findings.

I noticed various fish movements and behaviors. Some were food to the bigger fishes while some were sold for their rarity and beauty.

They sell birds too.

A trip to local fish farm.