PD2 – Which Product Designer do you best identify with?

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In this post, I shall discuss about a Product Designer I am best identify with!

We were tasked to choose from one of the following Product Designers

  • Marc Newson
  • Naoto Fukasawa
  • Ross Lovegrove
  • Yves Behar
  • Karim Rashid

I read several articles and check out their profiles, THEY ARE AMAZING!
I questioned myself if I can be as good as them in the future..
Be it sketches or design thinking, I am pretty much amazed and I look up to them.

The task to choose 1 out from the 5 product designers “that I’m best identify with” is pretty much difficult as they shared common ideal of a democratic design; values, sustainability, economy etc. but amazing in their own unique ways.
Alright, let’s discuss.


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Marc Newson

Marc Newson
– Go for simplicity rather than complexity

Marc Newson’s design with the sense of quality – a product that is able to work forever.
I find Marc Newson designs; Clean, neat and elegant.
The choice of material and the colour scheme used in his products works in harmony thus creating a gentle overall feel.

Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa
– Design with an objective

Naoto Fukasawa’s designs relies on finding solutions to the problem/s. – By studying human factors and understanding human behaviours.
I find Naoto Fukasawa designs; Very Minimalistic, interesting, Japan-ish.
His works harmonize the relationship between humans and their environment – whereby mechanisms and elements work together to enable a physical connection between the user and the object.

Ross Lovegrove

Ross Lovegrove
– Organic design, inspired by nature

Ross Lovegross designs consist of the amalgamation of art with the function of a design.
– Presence of the nature world are seen in his design as Ross are inspired by the principles of evolution and microbiology.
I find Ross Lovegrove design; Interesting organic forms that deal with lots of curves.
As mentioned, Ross Lovegrove blends most of his works with the elements from the nature capturing the essence of the natural world in his designs.

Yves Behar

Yves Behar
– Deliver that ‘interesting’ experience

Yves Behar design a wide range of products. – His designs emphasis on a more stylistic feel to a modern product by introducing a more ‘Interesting’ elements to it. – Modern design with a twist.
I find Yves Behar designs emphasis on the modern technology to make things better. Such as keeping up with technology and keeping things customisable/personalisation catering to specific individuals.
Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid
– Bringing art to design

Karim Behar has a wide range of interesting cool products. – Art element presented in the product creates a sense of uniqueness and individuality.
I find Karim Rashid designs rich in aesthetic values. Which is much curious yet pleasing to the eyes.
The aesthetic point made his product presentable, simple and clean-looking.


The Verdict

Q: Which one of the following Product Designers do you best identify with?

After looking up at the various mentioned Product Designers, I felt that I’m more identify with Yves Behar. Living in the fast-paced digital world today, the importance of technology cannot be neglected. Newer products would eventually replace old products thus the change drives product innovations. Like Yves Behar mentioned in the video, the future of design is relatively importance as more product would emphasise the interface between human/technology relationships. That apart, I hope to design products that are equally as beautiful and presentable as part of the aesthetic values.