We had to make a thread sculpture but I wanted to try something different and not create a piece where there was so much fluidity in it as I wanted a fixed rigid sculpture so I decided on geometric shapes which I thought was pretty cool. 

It was a really tedious process because the thread would eventually change tautness at different angles and the triangles were intersecting so the intersecting thread had to be inserted into the correct gap or my triangles would be deformed. Initially, I used nylon as the main support for the triangles to hold it up and to blend into the background but it was too shiny so I changed it to black thread and it camouflaged really well. 

Animal Farm

I had no idea for what animal to create when we went to the secondhand shop but while looking around I decided on doing a hedgehog because we were limited to less than 5 or 10 items. So I bought nails that were blunt, a computer mouse, some tiny gears and a coiled up piece of metal for this hedgehog.

Tha nails were glued onto the the computer mouse using hot glue gun (BAD BAD BAD IDEA) to represent the spines, the coiled metal for ears and gears for eyes. It was a relatively simple and easy, NOT DANGEROUS project because I hot glued everything to each other but still ended up in the ER and it was my very first project.

What went wrong? Well always placed the object you are slicing on the table and be careful of where you hold the object. But while trimming excess dried glue away, I was HOLDING the mouse in my hand and cutting the excess glue off a curved surface… You can guess what happened next. Sliced my left index finger into half my tendon and ended up with a bleeding finger for 9 hours and being in the ER for 5 hours with a hand surgery. Well that was an experience and bucket list checked HAHA.

img_0095 img_0295


Project 3: Ego

Who am I?

That was the main question I had in my mind while doing this project. It had a similar self-discovery journey like the Emo project but I enjoyed this creative process even more because of the use of – COLOURS and of course, my own imagination.


I’m quite a colourful person. I LOVE LOVE LOVE colours in artworks so when we were allowed to use colours for this project, I L.I.T.E.R.A.L.L.Y SQUEALED. 

My Colour Theory



I love his colour scheme because of the fantasy, whimsical feel it has to it and even though there is a lot of colours, they somehow complement each other to create one piece that flows together. The use of pastel and neon colours allows the focal piece of his work to stand out and brings life to it due to the vibrancy.

Colours I have identified and used




Since I’ve taken the mbti personality test, I’m an INFP but recently it’s been swinging to ENFP although I still feel that I’m mostly and INFP. From that, I used it as a basis to further discover what morals and characteristics I have. Listed them down and chose the four that currently represented my emotional state this year. 

(To read up about INFP or ENFP

The reason for choosing animals to represent me symbolically as these are some of my favorite animals and upon researching, animals have their symbolic meanings too. 

I had no idea how to use illustrator so I did it the traditional way by first getting the base outline of my image followed by tracing my idea onto tracing paper with details then scanning it onto photoshop to colour. 





Stag – It’s senses are very acute and they see extremely well in low light, giving them the ability to understand the deeper symbolic meanings of things. They can hear a twig snap a very long way off. They are intuitive, often seeming to possess well developed, even extrasensory perceptions. Sometimes their thoughts seem to race ahead, and they appear not to be listening, to be somewhere else.


Seahorse – A relatively calm, and mild-mannered creature, the seahorse is seemingly content to roam the seas. Content to be who they are, and not feeling the need to change, the seahorse can be a symbol of inflexibility or stubbornness by wrapping its tail around the nearest object in order to anchor itself in turbulent waters.


Swallow – Everlasting love and loyalty, related to the fact that swallows mate for life


Polar bear – Fierce and strong yet playful at the same time. They pursue what they want deliberately and powerfully and are not afraid to show aggressive behavior for defensive purposes.

Furthermore, I included symbolic objects such as lotus, oyster shell, studs and feathers, each representing a feeling/ characteristic.

Feathers (stag) – Truth

Spikes (seahorse) – Defense

Oyster shell (swallow) – Protectiveness of love

Lotus (polar bear) – Enlightenment 


Next, my settings is all done using paper cut and slightly pop art style. Also, with such intricate illustrations, I did not want it to clash with another intricate setting. Thus the paper cut style allowed me to retain a clear perspective. Although my settings represents the habitats of these animals,  they also reflect my natural state of emotions – I’m only myself when I’m in my own surroundings that I belong in. This is the part where the I in INFP represents my introverted self because I tend to be quiet and shy in a strange environment. Furthermore, it’s all about nature as I find peace and beauty in it as nature is something that is beyond our control. 


Forest – somewhere I can be alone with my thoughts because it is so quiet and peaceful that you can hear the cicada’s mating call and leaves crackling underneath your feet


Waves – beautiful when calm but challenging and deadly when stormy as the saying goes “a calm sea never made a skillful sailor” thus acts as an obstacle


Caves – I’ve been to a cave before during a school field trip and it was not only peaceful but it can be claustrophobic in the darkness so opening it out to see represented freedom 


Arctic – the coldness and harsh silence takes a toll on your body but seeing the beautiful northern lights is relaxing and calming and is an out-of-body experience and makes me reflect about my life as something so beautiful is also natural yet we all have doubts about ourselves

Me/ Reaction



Truth – a feather from the stag is floating down the sky into the woods to reflect honesty to my own self during reflection in the woods 



Love – a rose petal also symbolising love from the swallow is drifting down from outside a dark cave because to me as long I’m loyal and have freedom in my relationship, this love is strong enough to make bring me happiness during dark times



Stubborn – although I may appear to me mild-mannered, but when faced with obstacles or force, I’ll fight for who I am and thus represented by a spike to defend my own individuality during challenging times. This can be also seen as defiance to change as my mum calls it



Compassion – represented by the lotus underneath the northern lights as I’m carefree and playful most of the time but when things are brought into perspective when I’m relaxed, I’ll start to see how privileged I am and start being more understanding to others


I REALLY REALLY REALLY ENOJED THIS PROJECT because I could finally express myself in my own way and style and it pushed me to do my best in a short time span to create works that I never thought I could pull off. I really loved how everything turned out.


Project 3: Mis en Scene


The descent to hell is easy

My group (Shi Teng, Vanessa Tan and I) came up with the 6 lines rather easily and quickly for this project. I had always wanted to do a darker, more sinister theme for this project so when we created the lines, it went perfectly well with my idea.

The six lines follows:

What do you see?

I see red.

I don’t want to do this anymore.


I’m sorry

It’s too late.

This is my first ever film I’ve directed, produced and starred in it which I found challenging as I have never did a project like this and editing was quite difficult at times because I was still learning/getting used to the program (Premiere Pro). There was a LOT of googling involved haha. Overall it was quite an experience after seeing the time and effort placed into it to create a film that I envisioned.

The plot for this film is basically about the protagonist (Me) but she has a split personality and her other self is sinister, psycho and is fighting with her normal self to take over her. But who wins in the end?

The first scene shows the protagonist at the psychiatrist (Shi Teng) where the audience sees the protagonist as her normal self but something is troubling her. The next scene follows the protagonist to her car where she is alone and surrounded by her thoughts when she looks into the mirror to see her other self appear and frightens her normal self to feel like giving up. Next, the protagonist is shown running but the scene itself rewinds to portray as though she was running away from something which is later depicted as the fight for control in her mind. Then, the scene jumps back to the original running scene where the protagonist is frantically washing blood of her hands and apologises as though she is sorry for what she is about to do next. The last scene well you need to watch it to know who wins…

I feel that for my film, it had a lot of colour symbolism to it and I really like the soundtracks I used which was from Misere mei deus by Agnus Dei, Lacrimosa by Mozart and a Youtube composer, Peter Grundy. Altogether, it creates this power play in the film and the ascension to power with the ethereal choral voices.

My film can be viewed here:


Project 2: Impossibilities of being


For this project, I wanted to depict whimsical and fun and so I went to re-listen to my old playlist. There, I came across this song My Friend Has a Swimming Pool  by Mausi. It has a tropical, summer upbeat vibe to the song which appealed to me because I’m quite a cheerful person. Thus after selecting that song, I crafted my images to it.

Originally, I wanted to have shots of glitter and jumping into the pool but due to time constraints and hectic schedules, I decided to take the photos by myself. I decided to use a penguin to represent me as they are one of my favourite animals and they are adorable plus they are aquatic birds (it goes with the beauty, pool theme of the song). Also, this penguin has a sentimental value to me and it makes me smile every time I look at it thus it was a good idea to use it in my shoot. Moreover, as I was doing the shoots independently, an inanimate object was easier to control then having me running back and forth behind and in front of the camera.

The video can be viewed here:

Project 1B: Sequential Imaging


It followed the same storyline as my previous 1B project


The storyline did not change much because how does one evil family take on a 180 degree change in personality?


This was the first scene which I wanted to capture the seductiveness of Nyx in a club thus the laser lights surrounding her. She seduces to feed on her prey which are humans who have succumbed to vices.

Hypnos 2

The second scene portrays her in the Hypnos, her club/lair thus still featuring the laser lights in the background. I wanted to portray her as a VIP like those VIP tables in Zouk (LOL) so I added the throne behind and skeletons at her feet because humans are her food. Also, people raving are added into the foreground who are seemingly unaware of the situation.

Hypnos 3

Now the whole family unites together to bring darkness to the whole word because well everyone is always hungry for more everything like power and control. I like the RBF (resting bitch face) this model gave so I took it along with the D&G 2013 fall campaign I think? Because they reminded me of her minions and also YAS to girl power! I took most inspiration from D&G because of this particular regal collection and the stunning designs. Also, there is some colour symbolism with the red, gold and black theme. 

Hypnos 4

This evil family is going to take away the most purest place of all which is Mount Olympus and so the army marches into the sky, bringing their darkness along with them.

Hypnos 5

No happy ending this time. The Queen and Mother of Darkness reigns with Olympus in ruins.