Morphotex –  Donna Sgro

Morphotex is the world’s first structurally coloured fibre, developed by Teijin Japan.  It’s a fabric imitates the microscopic structure of the wing using nanotechnology. Colour in the textile appears coloured but does not use any dyes. This innovation also saves on water and energy used in conventional dyeing. This inspired another technological breakthrough – displays for mobile phones and other electronic devices that can be viewed under any light conditions.

Tilapia skin bandages


Wearable Tech

Hussein Chayalan 

Readings (Spring/Summer 2008) was a partnership with Swarovski was inspired by ancient sun worship and contemporary celebrity status. The clothing was embedded with moving lasers and crystals that refracted the rays of red light. The result of this combination alluded to glowing embers, yet deflected laser beams into the surrounding space, evoking a magical imagination of new-age sun gods.

Image result for hussein chalayan readings     Image result for hussein chalayan readings

Intel partnership

The project was aim to spread the awareness and regular management of stress through the models who induced different stress levels, affecting the imagery shown.

Intel’s glasses gathered biometric data from three sensors – capacitive electroencephalogram (EEG) electrodes to monitor brainwave activity; measure heart rate; and a microphone to pick up on breathing rates. Together, they measured stress in real-time.

This information was transmitted to a belt through Bluetooth. Using another Intel device – Intel Compute Stick (computing device the size of a stick of gum) the information was then translated into the visualizations and projected through small Pico projectors hidden in the belts and onto the runway wall.

The Hussein Chalayan and Intel connected accessories on the runway at Paris Fashion Week (Image credit: Intel)

The Hussein Chalayan and Intel connected accessories on the runway at Paris Fashion Week (Image credit: Intel)

Vega Zaishi Wang

Alpha Lyrae explores the deep space using an eight-dress collection of luminescent designs. It tells the story of the universe from beginning to end through augment fabric with organic animations brought to life by electroluminescence (EL).


My sister’s eczema – I always admired her for her bravery to go and achieve her dreams despite the painful condition of hers. She has eczema all over her body and it is genetics so there is no way of curing except treating it since she was a child. Eczema sufferers can feel ostracised for their condition hence that’s why I admire her courage of ignoring people’s stares to go on doing things she loves and achieving them.

Extinction of bees – Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem because they help with pollination. However, even though the main reason behind the colony collapse disorder is currently unknown, there are many factors that contribute to the decline in bee population. They could be pesticides, pathogens, climate change, GMO crops etc. Bee decline affects mankind too because without them, our food production is devastated.